Planning your garden is a delightful experience that can bring you great pleasure. To get the best results, forward planning is essential.
How to design a garden



  Cutting flowers
  Beneficial insects
  Guide to compost
  Drying Flowers

Indoor gardening

indoor gardening
Indoor gardening is just what it's about an indoor garden. This means there are specific needs to maintain and grow such a garden: tools & gadgets, planters, shelving and ideas, lighting, a variety of plants, nutrients are the essentials of indoor gardening.

Starting seeds indoors
A basic guide to starting seeds indoors and getting a jump start on your garden.

Indoor gardening tips
There are many tips and tricks that you should follow when bringing plants into your home.

Choosing the right plant
There are so many plants out there, which to choose becomes a difficult part of starting your home garden. With so many to choose from which ones will be right for you?

Flower garden design

flower garden
Flower garden design tips:
With these flower garden design tips you can put vines or flower beds beside your house, along a porch, or a terrace, or plant flowering trees or shrubs along a boundary fence.

Flower garden design ideas: color schemes.

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