There are so many plants out there, which to choose becomes a difficult part of starting your home garden. With so many to choose from which ones will be right for you? The main thing to consider here is:
  • Growing Conditions, make sure you get a plant that will thrive in your indoor setting...make sure to get a plant that will be able to survive in the conditions you have present in your house.
  • How much time do you want to spend caring for a plant.
  • Do you want a plant that will be on display year round.
  • How much do you want to spend, you can start from seeds which is the cheapest, or cuttings, or you can shell out a little more money, or a lot more money in some cases, and get a plant that is already grown.

Now, there are a few plants that are fairly strong and will fair better in the hands of a novice. You can get plants like Fatsia, Popular Succulents, Cyperus, Aspidistra, Bromeliads, Coleus, Philodendron Scandens. There are many more, these just happen to be the ones that I like to grow.

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