Mortgages are an important part of buying a new property.
However, whether you already have a mortgage, or you're a first-time buyer, the sheer number of deals available could leave you a little confused.

So much choice is good because it means you are more likely to get a mortgage suited especially to your needs.

Getting a clear understanding of the basic features and benefits of mortgage self certification will quickly help you to decide whether this type of mortgage is right for you.



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Types of mortgage

Before you can decide on the right one, though, you need to know the differences between the many types available.

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When you take out a mortgage there are two key decisions you have to make:
  • What rate of interest will I pay?
  • How do I repay the loan?

Put simply, a mortgage is a loan secured against property and when choosing the rate of interest you pay, you'll need to consider the two basic types available. The first is a variable rate and is offered by just about every lender.

The second type is harder to categorise but generally these mortgages offer deals over a limited period. There is a wide choice of packages including fixed rate loans, capped rate and flexible mortgages.

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