Real estate schools

If you are considering becoming a real estate agent, it is highly recommended that you start by researching what types of real estate schools are available in your area.
An ever increasing number of services are now also offering real estate schools online.

When looking for a real estate schools on the Internet, be sure to look for the type of school that is suited to your interests.

The importance of typing in Real Estate School Admission

The average words per minute you type could play a significant role in your career. Before you start on your journey to become a faster and better typist, it is important that you know your current speed and skill level. By highlighting your average wpm speed, you increase the chances of being admitted in Real Estate School.


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There are a variety of real estate courses available for the nonprofessional that are interested in investing in real estate. If you are looking to become a real estate professional, you will want to look for a real estate course that covers topics such as the principles of real estate, law and contracts, and finance.

Real estate schools directory

This lisintg is featuring vocational schools and training institutes offering educational curricula for real estate professionals. Schools may offer classroom instructor-led training or distance learning programs or both.

Florida real estate school
Offers pre-licensing and post-licensing training as well as continuing education. Includes courses, instructors, registration, and news. Located in Orlando, Florida.

Jones College
Offers Colorado real estate training for brokers and appraisers. Features training requirements, locations of live classes, and online course demo.

The real estate license professor
The Real Estate License Professor is the best study guide system to help you prepare for your real estate license exam.

Anthony Schools
California school features training and broker courses for pre-licensing and continuing education. Offerings in San Francisco, Irvine, San Diego and by correspondence.

Van Education Center
Colorado real estate school for broker license and continuing education credit.

Bob Hogue School of Real Estate
Real estate pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education for real estate professionals.

Kambuck Resources
Offering comprehensive mortgage broker licensing courses and loan processing classes.

Merrill Institute
Offers courses throughout New York state in real estate, real property appraisal and home inspection. Campus located on Long Island, New York.

Real Estate Education Center
New York school offers courses in real estate, appraisals, mortgage, insurance, home inspections, property management. Locations in Brooklyn and Queens.

Real Estate Training Services
Offers continuing education courses and information on obtaining an Indiana real estate license. Includes seminar schedule and FAQs. Based in Monticello, IN.

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