• Donít show a house at night by yourself. If you must, tell someone in your office where you are going and if you donít call them in one hour they should know something is wrong. Be wary in the daytime as well.
  • Meet your prospect in the office before you show the property. Introduce him/her to your co-workers. The legitimate client will feel at home...the crook will know that more people will be able to identify him/her.
  • Know who your client is. Remember what he/she looks like and pay special attention to jewelry, tattoos and distinguishing features.
  • Crooks donít look like crooks. They can be well-dressed, articulate, pleasant, and well-mannered.
  • If you are alone in the office when you meet your client, call home, a friend, or an answering machine. Tell them where you are going and when you expect to be back. Make the call in front of your client.
  • Before you leave with the client, write down their names, address, phone number, make and model of car and license plate number. List the addresses of the properties you intend to show and when you expect to be back. Leave it with the receptionist or on your desk.
  • If the prospect wants you to pick them up at a hotel because they flew into town...check it out. Ask the client if their family will be accompanying you on the tour of homes. Call the hotel and see if they are registered. Meet them in the lobby.
  • Donít wear flashy expensive jewelry or flash cash. You can look successful without wearing diamonds.
  • Never accept a ride with any prospect. Always drive your own car.
  • As you show the home, always walk behind your prospect pleasantly directing them. Donít step in front of the client. Carry your car keys in your hand.
  • Check the house carefully. If you see any sign of forced entry, leave immediately and call 9-1-1.

The Open House

  • If possible, have a partner.
  • Arrange to call the office once an hour.
  • Keep the front door locked.
  • Introduce yourself to the neighbors and ask them to look our for anything unusual.

Safeguard Your Customer's Property

  • Provide an engraving pen for your customers to mark their property with their driverís license number.
  • Tell you client to keep jewelry, silverware, and other valuables in a safe place until the sale is made.
  • Keys of houses without lock boxes should be controlled...keep them in a locked drawer. Donít give out the keys to anyone who has not provided identification. Check the realtorís name in the multiple listing book.
  • Donít lend your lockbox key to anyone.
  • After you show a house, check windows and doors twice to make sure they are all locked.
  • Donít let prospect roam through the house without you.
  • Recommend to your buyers that they have all locks re-keyed when they move in.
  • Give your buyers a gift of home security as a closing gift. For example, you might give them a door viewer or property engraver.

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