• Lead generation uses valuable resources such as money and time. Make sure that the group of potential clients that you go after is inexpensive to research, responsive to your offer and profitable to work with.

  • Go places the competition does not go. For instance when calling expired listings most agents call the easy to find ones that are in the MLS. Most top agents go beyond the MLS supplied information and check the phone book, use 411, the reverse directory, the tax records, internet sites, such as big yellow dot com or calling the previous listing agent.

  • Approve potential clients in the least expensive manner possible. Door knocking is most expensive followed by advertising, then direct mail, phone work and lastly e-mail. The result of every meeting should be that an appointment was asked for and an e-mail address obtained.

  • Have fun or you won't keep up the lead generation activity. If you hate door knocking -- it won't be effective. Pick the approach you like and offer a service the client really appreciates. I called owners of 5 or more unit buildings and offered them a free phone appointment with any CPA regarding I.R.C 1031 tax deferred exchanges.

  • Let go of the wiener heads. Some people will never be happy, expect too much or are not fun to work with. Do enough lead generation so you can let them go.

  • Get help! You can delegate some naturally profitable lead generation systems to your affiliates. My lender loved calling F.S.B.O's. He offered them help, got them on his side, offered the loan in many cases and when the F.S.B.O. tired he referred the relationship to me.

  • Systems and checklists - since lead generation is a repeatable activity, make a checklist as to how you do it. You can add as you go along, subtract when you want to. Cut overhead and delegate the list when you get tired.

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