An alternative to using estate agents is to sell the property yourself. If you decide to use this route, you will have to compile an information pack for prospective buyers which includes details like room dimensions and a photograph of your property.

Be careful how you describe your property - you could fall foul of the Property Misdescriptions Act that sets strict limits on what you can say.

You may need a For Sale board to place outside your property and attract purchasers. Dimensions of these boards are strictly regulated.

You will probably also need to advertise in local newspapers. Remember if you sell your place yourself, you will have to ensure you have plenty of time available for showing buyers around your home.

How important are photos?

Displaying photos is an essential part of selling your home.
Traditionally, only a photo of the front of the house is displayed, but research has shown that although this is the most important photo, buyers also want to see the interior, garden and any special features. Typically, each extra photo displayed can double the response rate.

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